Denise was born in Chicago and graduated with a bachelor of Science from Loyola University of Chicago. Her career began in Business at American Can Company where she provided customer service for customers for seven years before moving to marketing. She learned above all else is the importance of determining the right product for the client.

She decided to work in Long Term Health Care Planning because of two personal experiences which impacted her family. Her Dad had a stroke and her Mom could no longer take care him at home.

His bill was $5500.00 per month for care and they discovered health insurance and Medicare did not pay for this care. This caused a huge amount of personal and financial stress and her mom was very unhappy in her final years of life.

Then Denise had her own personal health scare in 2003. So after recovering she decided she did not want to put her son though the same burdens Denise and her mom went through with her Dad. Denise purchased a Long Term Care policy and now has peace-of-mind knowing the physical, emotional and financial burdens of LTC has been address in an affordable way.

Now, in addition to being a caregiver for another family member, Denise helps families find affordable ways to get the same peace-of- mind she enjoys today.